ansell nitrile gloves 92600 نسخة تجريبية مجانية عبر الإنترنت

لدينا مصنعنا الخاص في نانجينغ ، الصين. من بين العديد من الشركات التجارية ، نحن خيارك الأفضل والشريك التجاري الجدير بالثقة تمامًا.

حجم الشركة التونسية للملاحة: 32 * 25.5 * 25.3 سم
المادة النشطة: 17٪ -19٪ ، رغوة عالية / رغوة منخفضة
الشهادات: ISO9001 ISO14001 SGS
قدرة العرض: 200000 طن سنويا
MOQ: 1 وعاء
شحن: الشحن البحري والجوي مقبول
OEM/ODM: متوفرة
سعر: الاتصال عبر الإنترنت

Ansell Nitrile Coated Glove | MSCDirect- ansell nitrile gloves 92600 نسخة تجريبية مجانية عبر الإنترنت ,Ansell. Mfr Part #: 11-818-8. In Stock. Nylon is used in wet and dry environments. It has a low moisture absorption rate, good tactile sensitivity, dexterity and abrasion resistance. Knit wrist cuffs are designed with elasticized fabrics to the hold glove in place and minimize dirt and debris from entering the glove.ANSELL Nitrile, Disposable Gloves, M, Powder-Free, 4.3 mil ...Nitrile gloves are generally thinner and more tactile than vinyl and latex gloves, while maintaining strength. Powder-free, general purpose disposable gloves provide basic hand protection against non-hazardous materials and do not have a powder coating inside the glove, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and contamination.

MICRO-TOUCH ® Nitrile - Ansell

This non-sterile glove features an advanced stretch formulation providing you with the ultimate comfort and fit. With its high strength and excellent protection features, this glove is ideal for nearly all clinical settings. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Advanced formulation for exceptional comfort and fit providing better tactile sensitivity.

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Ansell 92600 - TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove Safetyware Sdn Bhd

Mar 03, 2020·Ansell TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove is in the category of disposable glove. Disposable glove protect users from low-level risks for janitorial, general maintenance and light food processing tasks. It is important for choosing the best disposable glove. There are four type of materials which include Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile …

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Disposable Gloves - Ansell

EDGE ® 82-133. Disposable Nitrile Glove. TouchNTuff® 92-605. TouchNTuff ® 92-605. Extended Cuff Disposable Nitrile Glove with Enhanced Chemical Splash Protection. TouchNTuff® 93-250. TouchNTuff ® 93-250. Dark Grey Disposable Nitrile Glove with Ansell Grip™ Technology. TouchNTuff® 92-600.

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SAFETY MALAYSIA is a company dealing with a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Quality Safety Solutions in Malaysia. Our major brands of product include GOJO,GLOVE GUARD, WOLVERINE, RINGER GLOVE and OBERON,SALISBURY

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Ansell Nitrile Disposable Gloves for sale | eBay

Ansell Edge Nitrile Exam PF Gloves - ASTM D6319 - Small - 300 Count. $42.63. Free shipping. SPONSORED. Microflex XCEED XC 310 Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves by Ansell - 250 Gloves. $31.82. $6.30 shipping. SPONSORED *10-Packs* MicroFlex Soft White PF Hydrasoft Nitrile 100 Gloves Large TQ-601-L.

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Gloves - Ansell

MICROFLEX ® Nitron One ® NO-123. Powdered Nitrile Disposable Glove. TouchNTuff® 69-210. TouchNTuff ® 69-210. Powder-Free, Disposable Latex Glove. MICROFLEX® CE5-512. MICROFLEX ® CE5-512. Clean Latex Glove with Textured Fingers, Compatible with Class 100 (ISO 5) Environments. MICROFLEX® UltraSense® US-220.

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Exam Gloves - Ansell

MICROFLEX ® UltraSense ® US-220. Nitrile Exam Glove. MICROFLEX® FreeForm® SE FFS-700. MICROFLEX ® FreeForm ® SE FFS-700. Nitrile Exam Glove with Textured Fingertips. MICROFLEX® Supreno® SE SU-690. MICROFLEX ® Supreno ® SE SU-690. Durable Nitrile Exam Glove with Advanced Barrier Protection. MICRO-TOUCH® NextStep®.

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TouchNTuff® Nitrile Gloves - Ansell

TouchNtuff 92-605 long cuff disposable gloves have a similar design to Ansell’s best-selling TouchNTuff 92-600 gloves, but with an extended cuff and textured grip. Like the original, these TouchNTuff nitrile gloves offer the perfect combination of chemical splash protection, durability, and comfort.

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